"I have to give a lot of thanks to the staff of Synapse PT, they handled my elbow surgery rehab professionally, and put me well on my way to a speedy recovery. The best part was the environment and the way they treat their patients. Physical Therapy can be hard, but with the help and support that Synapse PT offers it makes it that much easier."
- Ryan S, Division 1 College Baseball Pitcher

"My experience at Synapse PT was and is extremely beneficial to my recovery.  I have progressed beyond my expectations due to the professional staff.  I would highly recommend this facility to anyone needing physical therapy"
- RJ, Retired and avid golfer

"Thank you Synapse!  Returned to hockey after  surgery 1 month earlier than my doctor predicted and scored my first goal tonight!"
- Tyler H. AAA Hockey Player

"I've been going to Synapse PT and seeing Mike for 5 years.  I truly believe that without Mike's help in my recovery process throughout the years, no matter the injury, I would not be the athlete I am today.  His wide knowledge of the field and friendly, humorous personality is one of a kind.  This puts him and Synapse PT above the rest."
- Katie C. College Lacrosse Athlete

A​s a hockey mom the last thing you want to see is your player on the ice with an injury. What's worse is when you are told by doctors it is a season ending injury. Upon finding this out, we went to Synapse Physical Therapy to not only get treatment but advice on the orthopedic surgeon that they find the most success from the same injury. They were able to provide us with the name of an orthopedic surgeon who had the latest and most success rate for his injury. Following the surgery, we did rehab at Synapse and they were able to work with our son to return BEFORE THE END OF THE SEASON...so it turned out NOT to be season ending because of the hard work and great physical therapy given to us by Mike, Grace, Nicole and the entire Synapse staff. THANK YOU!!

​-Anne Hanson, Mom and Team Manager



Welcome to the new Synapse Physical Therapy facility. Our March 2016 move in marked the excitement of our new 3500+ sq. ft. state of the art facility. Not only does the clinic share the building home to the largest public ice arena in the USA, it operates in conjunction with many of our local community programs and schools. Synapse Physical Therapy offers one of the only Athlete Recovery Rooms with a setting to make every athlete and patient in recovery in a room with the highest quality care. 

Not only will you love the wall of windows providing a great view of the Promenade and front range mountains, our equipment is placed for our patients to enjoy the view. We would love to have you come by and take a tour!

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