Massage and Mile High Recovery Room

Doctors, Coaches, Therapists, and Trainers are encouraging professional and amateur athletes to seek out Recovery Center options for continued body care and maintenance. Following rigorous sports training, games, and activities the body responds with inflammation and muscle breakdown. Recent studies have pointed to recovery as the key to staying a top performing athlete and giving the body back the strength it needs to endure daily Strength Training, Nutrition, and now Recovery Centers are athletes top performance needs. Massage and Recovery tools found at Mile High Massage and Recovery are set up as a means of getting your body ready for the next days event.


We constantly invest in high-end equipment

Athletes no longer reach for Ibuprofen or tubes of Icy Hot, instead professional athletes are following the advice of doctors, athletic trainers, and physical therapists and adding true “Recovery” to their regiment of strength training, conditioning, and nutrition. Doctors are now realizing one of the most critical pieces to lowering injury incidents and keeping athletes in top shape is the tools used to give the body a chance for recovery. Colorado is proud to offer Mile High Massage and Recovery as part of those working toward body peak performance.  Schedule your consultation to the recovery process YOU need to stay in the.  Don’t let aches and pains keep you from the game. Schedule your recovery today.


Amateur and professional athletes are turning to the most modern recovery techniques to reduce inflammation, soreness, edema, and minor injuries. Massage techniques, as seen by millions watching the Olympics, discovered the recovery technique of Cupping Massage as a choice for recovery. Another common massage therapy is Ashiatsu and injury recovery massages. These modalities and more are offered here at Mile High Massage and Recovery.  Schedule an appointment today!