Mile High Massage & Recovery Center

Relax & Recover

Our professional and experienced staff will provide relaxation and relief in a professional setting.  We offer traditional massage therapy services in a private and professional clinic. The innate healing ability inside each and every one of us, let us help get you to where you want to be.

Our massage offerings include:

Unwind & Relax with soothing pressure

Deep & Luxurious massage utilizing feet

Heat and Massage combined for relaxation

About Rachel Cook, LMT

As a reformed stress-addict, Rachel Cook loves to help clients unwind and connect to their true selves. Rachel started her massage career in 2003 after a series of signs led her to massage school, where she felt she had finally found her tribe. She later went on to specialize in ashiatsu, a form of massage utilizing the therapist’s feet to deliver long, deep, luxurious pressure in a way that’s exceptionally comfortable for the client.

In ashiatsu, overhead bars are used for support. She’s used her portable ashiatsu bars to deliver massage at transformational seminars, a resort in Sedona, a festival in Arvada, a networking event, massage parties, and once even got to provide ashiatsu to the CU Buffs football team in their gym overlooking Folsom Field.

With a passion and commitment for helping people heal, Rachel also has a separate career as a hypnotherapist specializing in fertility and stress relief. She helps both her massage and hypnosis clients prioritize self-care and be more resilient.

Rachel is a firm believer in the innate healing ability inside each and every one of us. She loves reading books about the power of mind-body healing from authors like Dr. Larry Dossey, Dr. Paul Roud, Dr. Bernie Segal, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Bruce Lipton, and others.

With a passion for learning, Rachel is a bit of a book-junkie, but she still finds time for gardening with her mom, spending time with her Dad (usually watching Star Wars), and laughing with her best friend/husband Frank.